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Monday, November 20, 2017

The story behind Tweeterham by @Djmondoent 11/20/17

Hello, World!

I mean that literally! I think people forget how open the Internet really is open to the world anyone with an Internet connection can see what you write in your blog post. Today is a special day for me. This will be the day that I stop fearing my writing skills and just start writing no matter how bad it is. I have been such a procrastinated person I have been putting off improving my writing skills for seven years now. I know what you are thinking. That is a very long time. I know it is and that's why I plan on doing something this very moment. I feel like I have gotten inside a time machine and told myself that I better stop playing around and get things done. I have been holding writing skills up in front of me for 7 years. Using it as an excuse for why I haven't done something. It has always been the main reason I didn't start or finish something I was working on or wanted to work on. For example when I started my social media marketing company tweeterham I use to say I can't write a business plan. Because I felt that my writing skills were bad. It took a while but I finally got one typed up. Even though I had one of the first social media marketing companies Tweeterham with years ahead of the competition. I succeeded in the beginning and failed miserably in the coming years. Just because of my opinion about my writing skills! I missed out on a lot of opportunities like government contracts, Big Corporate clients, Investors, and more. I could go on and on telling about all the lost opportunities over the years. It would make your head spin and make you upset. Heck, I get mad at myself most of the time when I think about it so I try not to! Today is different. Today is a new day. For a new future me that is going to be writing his ass off to make up the lost time that I can't get back. While I was going to school I didn't realize how important writing skills are in real life. I have so many stories to tell about why and how important it is the learn and have effective writing skills.  One of the biggest reason to be a great writer is being able to communicate exactly what you want to say in your mind and put it on paper so someone else can understand it. Today I just really want to get off my chest what I have been dealing with over the years and what tweeterham is all about. I started tweeterham back in 2010 because I saw the future of marketing heading right for social media back then it didn't even have a name I think it was something like mini blog sites or mini blog post sites before the term social media sites started to pop up everywhere.  My first day on twitter I fell in love with it and automatically knew that this was the future of marketing!
Hashtags where a new thing and only twitter had it I loved using them. I thought of them of being an easy way to target your niche audience before it was even used that way. I could even see the hashtags being used on radio, wrapped buses, cars, billboards and products like they are today. I could see it before anyone did it. That is one of the reasons I consider myself a visionary. Being able to see into the future like a movie or picture in front of you. I even tweeted facebook and told them they needed to add hashtags asap when I first started using them. I thought about them being a great tool for customer service as well.  I turned out to be right. I even made one very popular the #Nowplaying hashtag is one of the top ten most used hashtags in the world. I started using this hashtag when I was interning for Djfunkyatl. He is a huge Dj in Atlanta. I would tweet out every song he played starting with #Nowplaying, song name, aritst twitter handle & club flyer. This would soon become an industry standard. I didn't know that we were making history until now. A lot of famous artist in Atlanta that had a relationship with Dj funky would come to the club after seeing that we played their song on Twitter. This gave me a bright Idea and was one of the key reasons I started Tweeterham. I thought if the artist came out to the club just because we tweeted playing their songs. Then why not do something similar for customers. So I started making a lot of twitter accounts about 100 or so mostly female accounts with big butts on the AVITAR. I made the accounts look realistic and started tweeting about how great the club was on Fridays. I would tweet every song played using #Nowplaying & tagging artist then retweets on all those accounts I made. This worked beyond my expectation and the club was so packed it was hard to move around.  The parking lot was full and people were parking down and across the street. Did I do that! I thought to myself. I was not the only person who saw what I had done. Other coworkers would tell me that I was a genius and I could start a million dollar company with this. On the other hand, people would see what I did and try and cash in on it.  They would say they can help boost your social media presence. They where mostly liars who just wanted easy money from the customers. They did not have the skills needed and could not perform.  Next thing I know I have seen agencies popping up everywhere online promoting social media promotion. I was still trying to keep this a secret but it kept growing without me like a virus.
I could not keep the lid on.  Now that social media has taken over our lives and the hashtag has migrated to other platforms & billboards etc. I will continue to help advance the social media world.  When I started Tweeterham I had everyday users in mind.  I thought to my self who wouldn't want to tweet from home and get paid. Advertising is a big market and I believe that we can make more jobs for the everyday user through social media Tweeterham still stands stronger than ever with the Ceo now moving forward with his writing skills and focusing on creating a new type of job, AI Technology combined with the knowledge of marketing secrets. We now have a  social media agency that has it all. Until next time world hopefully, it's not in seven years.
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

@Djmondoent we are the power #edm mix inspired by pavegen.com releases 11/21/14

Djmondoent we are the power #edm mix inspired by pavegen.com releases 11/21/14


Monday, June 24, 2013

@DJMONDOENT Booking Info & Prices

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Thursday, February 17, 2011



              Almando Mcadden aka Dj mondo ent  is a twenty five years old  young authentic virtuous monstrosity of Music & Entertainment  Dj/artist/songwriter/producer extraordinaire he has been mixing and making music since the age of seven. He had a love for music every since he was born. He played the keyboards & drums at church at the age of 7. When he was eleven he would listen to rap and fall in love and always wanted to make beats and write songs. His grand dad was a great live musician who made a great living traveling the world drumming and keyboarding Mondo's mother was great at rapping when she was younger her and his dad use to rap against each other. they say that's how he was born . When his mom brought himkeyboard he was so happy he played everyday nonstop in-till  a miracle happened he started to learn how to play it. Later that week he got a record player from his step dad. he always told him he wanted to be a Dj when I grew up. So he got mondo his first turntables with over 2000 records its was messy talking crate after crate. It was a awesome music collection. A Year later his mom got a desktop computer and never really used it. Mondo was always on it  browsing the web creating web accounts & mainly burning music on cds and playing games this is when he discovered Fl studio. he was amazed because he always wanted to create record and play back the music he made on his keyboard. He gained mad skills on. His mom could not afford any hardware like the mpc's  beat machines and mixers. So this was a dream come true. At the age of 19 he was having trouble in school so he went to school for Network cabling specialist at Earl C. Clements Jobs Corps Morganfield, Ky where he learned how to work with music. On campus there was a music room for those who loved music. Mondo would come to the music room after class and hook up a Triton phantom keyboard to a mix board then hook it up to his laptop he would make beats mix song recordings and samples. While in school he just focused on working on his craft and making better music for 3 whole years even if he didn't have the best of the best he always used what he had as a musical weapon. After graduation He currently working & living in atlanta networking and making connections. He has worked with many major artist night clubs and companies. He went on to start a internet marketing company called twitterham in 2010. Which became a very successful business in short time twitterham had lots of major customers like Pavegen Legal Zoom and more . Mondo never stop his dj gigs or music while running a company. He still finds time to book dj gigs and release mixtapes. Be sure to contact him  via social media every where at @djmondoent thanks for your time. 

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