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1.       What does your job entail?
My primary job consists of running an internet marketing company.  I am passionate about everything I do. This industry is constantly evolving and I find ways to reinvent it faster every day.  I am dedicated to internet marketing.  I consider myself a business partner that celebrates the success of my clients. I am currently involved in pay per click management, search engine optimization, Social Media monitoring, and world-class Email Marketing.  The results generated from my team’s services produce results far greater than the sum of their parts.

2.       How did you get to this point in your career?  What influenced you to get into this field?
When I am involved with a marketing campaign, I feel there is a buzz in the air, an electric tingle of excitement that is impossible to ignore. I have a team of over 85 amazing individuals with a diverse set of talents and a singular focus to provide remarkable results for our clients. And we have a blast doing it.  My company was founded in tiny dorm room in 2010 as I set out to help websites and artist build their reputations online by using search engines.  The web has evolved from a new frontier to arguably the single most important communications and marketing tool in history, which in turn has grown my company.  Three years later it is one of the world's fastest growing online marketing firms.  My company’s mission remains the same as day one, “help businesses succeed online”.  Because the internet is 24/7 we work around the clock. Running successful online marketing campaigns requires an amazing grasp of two very different things. One, you need to be able to stay ahead of the millions of clicks across thousands of ads every day. Two, you need to be able to make smart marketing decisions based on the data. To say that this is a challenging task is an understatement. We are always up to the challenge.  We love what we do and will do anything to help our clients succeed. Drawing on a decade of experience, we work every day to help extract more value from the data we collect.

3.       What education is necessary for this job?
A bachelor's degree in Marketing or a related field is often necessary to obtain a career in Marketing.  Earning a degree in Marketing or a related field can help aspiring marketers better compete for jobs in their field. Marketers play many roles in diverse organizations.  Having a degree will allow one to focus on a broad array of marketing skills and strategies. Marketing majors learn to sell and promote products and build a clientèle for organizations. Marketers need both analytical and creative skills.  Aspiring marketers should be able to follow economic trends and developments. Many Marketing professionals work in a team, so it helps to have skills as both a leader and a team player. As professionals who interact with consumers and brand managers, marketers also need strong written and verbal communication skills.
4.       What advice can you give to college students?
Aim high when you take courses relating to Global Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Strategies for Marketing, Internet or E-marketing, Market Research, Product Development, Retail and Sales, and Advertising.  These classes will be your foundation for a successful marketing career.  Also upon graduating, be able to analyze what products will sell, have knowledge of product pricing and placement, learn to understand consumer choices, and be creative enough to generate new marketing strategies and campaigns.
5.       What is one thing you love about your company?
The fact that I am the CEO of a company that works with a wonderful team of individuals who are dedicated to the success of our clients.  When our clients are happy, we’re happy.

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